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I Wished to write about history of creation DOORS, and it has turned out somehow and about our grouping as a whole.... Probably, it because... And generally read all below....

(Minisoft avec NRJ/ACL, 2000)

(Or chronology from DOORS96 up to DOORS 2000)

The loveliest business is to be betraid to memoirs.... You Sit to yourself, you sip a beer and you think: "Yes, there were times" :) And in fact once I began the small project, and what from this it has turned out?... Terribly even to itself to present. Well all right, we shall depart from severe everyday lives and we shall return to those so far and fine times as 1995 - 1996. So, that we have...

Somewhere roughly per 1995 to me the idea to write the small graphic editor - Windows Graphics Station has come. Which would be addition to Art Studio and it would be possible by means of filters, to do some effects with pictures. In those days I was not strong in codes therefore all was written on BASIC'a with partial use of codes. Somewhere in 1996 I strongly move ahead in ASM'a:) owing to Tom Hial'o and KVA, also I write programmku View*Print. Then there is an idea to write the window interface for convenience of a writing of programs. Initially I wished to name system Windows, under same project WGS. But friends have dissuaded and has been decided to name Doors. kernal Doors I wrote the first itself:) not without the help of procedures of friends, certainly:) simply running forward I shall tell, that kernal D2k wrote KVA, and I drew only to the schedule: (we Shall return in 96:) So it is written kernal to version 1. The first and posledee, that has been written under it is that program View*Print (in more detail about it in section Doors96). Then the system was some times a number of changes and improvements is copied, added:), and I start to write on the sly file system, so to say, expansion above TRDOS. In 97 year three-symbolical expansion of files which vposledstvie has was extended, but from submission of other people has been thought up:) (in more detail about it in section Doors98/99) {Doors98/99} {Doors96}

There Was time, together with it terms of an output of system were replaced.... DOORS ' 96... DOORS ' 97.... Our group (Spectrum Warriors) has collapsed, has left from us KVA.... But nevertheless, new group ASCENDANCY Creative Labs which, in my opinion, should bring new trend and an embodiment of idea of creation DOORS during a life is created... (In general as to me has occurred later, DOORS is not simply the program, and an integral part of our group during many years. Groups of people not simply with the general name, namely that party on interests, which zaburivshis with beer of the house at Tom Hial'a, could stay till late night in disputes, decisions and a writing (read - CRACK'a) programs....)

But time is not necessary on a place, I have a little thrown DOORS and have borrowed in the decision of essential problems... And DOORS ' 98 has remained to wait the best times...

It is a little having forgotten partially source codes DOORS, I nevertheless could understand with those mistakes which have forced me to throw this project in " a distant corner ". So on horizon there is new version DOORS ' 98/99... But the further I wrote, the more I understood all those inconveniences of many functions.... Much that was cleaned, but even more that was added, the interface and system as a whole was more and more improved.

Time indefatigably runs forward, and by the end 1998 - to the beginning of 1999 inures DOORS ' 99... At this time at me the next time breaks a favourite Spectrum: (and me it is necessary to change to the emulator.... But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining... On the emulator disk operations as they were through direct control VG have at all refused to work... And I have decided to eliminate this malfunction... As people at whom cost HDD were recollected... Arising problems with the expanded memory, kempston mouse and joystick, adjustments Began to be recollected and all: covox'ia, printers i.t.d. In a word, all this has merged in one loading module BIOS. Initially BIOS included automatic (established during the test of a computer) and manual adjustments (which can be established at own discretion). To automatic concern: Type of the processor (Z80 or Z84), type of a computer (Spectrum 48/128, Scorpion/KAY, ATM, PROFI), total amount of accessible memory (48 KB are not enough for start of system), 128 KB, 256 KB, 512 KB, 1024 KB), quantity of steps for one interruption of the processor, percent of compatibility with Pentagon, stability of the trunk of data, presence of port *FF, version TR-DOS. In manual it was possible to set following adjustments: presence of disk drives A, B, C, D; kempston joystick (yes/no) kempston mouse (yes/no), Covox (mono/stereo, port/left/right), presence in system of musical coprocessor AY-3-8910 (yes/no), disk operations (Turboloader / *3D13). As in BIOS'a adjustments for HDD, the modem and the printer have been reserved. Little bit later adjustment BORDER was added. As CMOS-hours on ZX-SPECTRUM at me it was not observed, it has been decided to keep parameters in separate file BIOSCMOS.SYS. Further there was a loading of necessary modules (fonts, libraries, cursors i.t.d.) According to a file of configuration CONFIG.SYS.... And then BOOT MANAGER and as a wreath of creation WorkBench:)....

Here so, it is possible to tell, epopee DOORS 99... " has ended Why has ended? ", you-ask. All is very simple! The matter is that when we conceived with KVA (and if to be more exact, it has suggested) to reconsider it (read - completely to alter) all that I named a kernel, we yet did not know, that DOORS 2000 already will be Operational System. Well, about it already in sootvetsvujushchem section.

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