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Loading at level BIOS'a (kickstart)

Initially in Doors \AQUA orientation was aside HDD and CD-ROM. But if to realize work with data ustrojstsvami at a level of drivers more it is less real how to be with loading from the same HDD or it is even better than CD-ROM? For today, more or less the minimal service insertion NEMO for KAY1024 represents. But it far is not ideal and allows to load ISDOS. As business in other insertions are (Scorpion, Sprinter) I do not know: (
In turn, I have turned the look aside DOORS 98/99, during those far times I already meant about idea biosa and have reserved a place under work with HDD. At the given stage I have decided to copy an insertion, to modify some components from an insertion of version 1.0, have added an opportunity of loading from various carriers (floppy disk, hdd, cdrom) and have embodied all it in an insertion kickstart 3.0 (there was version 2.0 for doors 2000, but it and has remained in a crude kind: () Initially the insertion was planned as replacement standard BASIC 128. The idea of replacement standard BASIC128, on something has another both supporters, and opponents. Therefore to do the basic emphasis of all system on this insertion I did not become, though very much it would be even not bad to place separate procedures in memory of ROM. It would release a part of the RAM and would allow to carry out these procedures a little bit more quickly.

Presence or absence kickstart'a in ROM nikoem in the image will not affect further work DOORS \AQUA. Its basic purpose is the minimal test of a computer at start (resete) and loading of system from the carrier (floppy disk, hdd, cdrom). If you do not want pereproshevat the spectrum and it is not necessary, possible podgruzit kickstart from a diskette to whom as it is more convenient, and then to make loading with HDD or CD-ROM.

So, that we have inside:
As I already wrote earlier, at start kickstart there is a minimal test of a computer to not tire with excessive expectation of loading of system. In passing icons in the bottom part of the screen are painted in green color signalling, that the given site of the test has passed successfully. It is meant the minimal test: definition of type of a spectrum (KAY, SCORPION, PROFI, TURBO 2 +, ATM TURBO - all other clones of a spectrum are defined as SPECTRUM) as at start presence of the RAM (about what is defined is informed in sootvetsvujushchej to a line 48/128/256/512 or 1024 Kb.

Then there is a search of devices MASTER and SLAVE, according to adjustments inside kickstart'a. The message ' test complete! ' finishes the minimal test and there is an attempt of loading of system from the specified device. After start, during the minimal test, it is possible to press a key <B> (BOOT) and to choose the device for loading from the list. Having pressed a key <F> we get in the menu of adjustments kickstart. Thus proshodit the greater test of system, than at resete the following information also is accessible: type of the processor z80 or z84, frequency of the processor 3,5 or Turbo, definition of type of a spectrum (KAY, SCORPION, PROFI, TURBO 2 +, ATM TURBO - all other clones of a spectrum are defined as SPECTRUM) as at start presence of the RAM (about what is defined is informed in sootvetsvujushchej to a line 48/128/256/512 or 1024 Kb. The quantity of steps for one interruption is calculated and the percentage parity with standard quantity of steps is displayed. Stability of the trunk of data is checked. Presence of port *FF, AY-chip'a and mode TURBO (it is included or not) is defined. As from read-only storage TR-DOS the version of an insertion undertakes.

Initially kickstart was guided by presence of CMOS-hours with non-volatile memory what there to keep the adjustments. But as this device is not at everything, and to keep adjustments all it is necessary, has been decided to let out some variants:

KickStart 3.0 NC - letters NC mean NO CMOS, the given insertion kofiguriruetsja once, and then is filled in with the external program instead of standard BASIC 128. On mine vzljad not the most reasonable decision. Any izmenie in adjustments is impossible.

KickStart 3.0 FE - letters FE mean Floppy Edition - the version for those who does not plan to stitch kickstart instead of BASIC 128. The file of adjustments podgruzhaetsja also is kept on standarnuju a diskette in format TR-DOS. A name of file KICKDUMP.SYS. The excellent decision for beta-testinga.

KickStart 3.0 - absence of letters speaks, about that that is a "normal" insertion instead of BASIC128, orientirovanaja on presence of CMOS-hours and all adjustments are stored in non-volatile memory. In my opinion the most optimum decision.

But we shall return to adjustments. Apparently from skreenshota, the screen is broken into some sites. In the top part of the screen adjustment of time and date has settled down. It is possible sootvetsvujushchy vyjuor driver GLUK (under scheme Mr. GLUK'a), SCORP (the scheme skorpionovskaja), CPU - calculation of passed time on interruptions CPU (not the best variant: (). As it is possible to not specify at all the driver - option NONE.

Hardly below adjustment Kempston dzhojstika and a mousy (NONE/PRESENT), on the right presence of disk drives A and B accordingly (NONE/PRESENT). Further there is an adjustment zheskogo a disk (HDD) and \or CD-ROM for MASTER and SLAVE - devices. As it is possible to choose the driver for the given device: KAY/SCORP/NONE. Option OTHER for the driver of other type (while it is reserved, but is not realized) Is stipulated
If the mode of definition HDD \CDROM costs AUTO in sootvetsvujushchih sections there is an information which was informed on itself with store C\H\S and the size of a disk. If the mode costs USER, installations are made manually. As it is possible to forbid search HDD \CDROM, having chosen option NONE.

In section " Boot From... " the sequence of attempt of loading of system from various devices Floppy, HDD, CDROM... Is set

In section " Store menu " it is possible to load earlier the kept adjustments, to keep new or simply to leave from this the menu.

Navigation on options is carried out by keys of the cursor (LEFT - RIGHT), ENTER - a choice of options, R - restarts all tests. Keys of the cursor (UP - DOWN) it is possible to arrange a strip on bordere (on skreenshote it it is not visible). Given shtukentsija it is reserved for further use of synchronization of screen effects, such as multicolor and truecolor.

Addition from 05.01.2004:

Data kickstart it was written in May, 2003, it is ready on 90 % and the majority fuktsy in it is realized. In a view of last development (Doors Kernal Builder and Object File Creator) there was an idea to copy kickstart and to make its modular model from various a component as it is made with kernalem. Differently each interested person can collect to itself own kickstart according to the chosen components. The truth will disappear necessity of some tests:) but I think it not so a greater trouble?:) who - that in this occasion thinks? I wait for your offers in feedback.

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