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Concept the given system? Heh:) generally I am not going to load here you everyones there problems and other delirium, simply it would be desirable to share some reasons.

Generally to tell the truth even I do not know from what to begin, soizoshlo on me vdohnovlenie or I have decided to realize what was not at present in one operational system. Probably I so was valiantly affected with film " the Matrix 3: Revolution ", and someone will notice similarity to other film " FINAL FANTASY ". It is possible, certainly, even rasmotret the given idea not as something new, and as an antipode for already available things in the same junise.

Well we shall not beat around the bush, here it idea:

Let's consider, what is Doors \Aqua? It is operational system! Yes it is true! But for me it already became not simply operational system, it became the original world which I during already several years, try to create. Shortage of knowledge in this area affects or novelty of ideas forces to alter this world, it is not so important, the main thing that is desire it to do! So Doors \Aqua is an original world, which I sotvorjaju (thanks all those who helps me with it). As it is the computer world there will live in it programs which are created or will be created in the future, not important, created under the given conditions or adapted of other systems. Though it is certainly clear, that " local residents:) " will itself chustvovat more comfortably and to work, sootvetsvenno, more stably.

As well as in any other world, here there should be keepers who provide stability of the given world, working capacity of system as a whole. Keepers of the given world is seven spirits or making parts, keepers, the central programs at last. Each of them (programs) has names which are taken not from a ceiling:) and quite really describe the actions assigned to them. So here they:

Name: AEDA - Attractive Exterior Doors AQUA (Attractive appearance Doors \Aqua)
CodeName: aeda.sys
Action: I see
The description: as it is difficult to guess from the name - AEDA - is responsible for all appearance and appeal of system, differently - GUI - the graphic interface, it shows us system in all beauty.

Name: CAYSY - Charm AY SYstem (System bewitching AY-ea)
CodeName: caysy.sys
Action: I speak
The description: CAYSY, at us, is responsible for all sounds in this world, beginning from simple synthesizer AY (from it and the name has gone), COVOX, SounDrive and finishing GeneralSound'ii. All otvetsvennost lays on its "fragile":) shoulders.

Name: NESSI - Natural Establish Speccy'S Iron (the Present installation of iron Speccy)
CodeName: nessy.sys
Action: chustvuju
The description: in difference from the blue giant:) our colleague Speccy, does not have built in system razpoznavanija a various sort of payments and development. On shoulders NESSI - the responsible problem - to put things in order in the hardware of this world. The driver its elements:)

Name: LARA - Load And Rewrite Architect (the Creator of records, and their reading)
CodeName: lara.sys
Action: I store
The description: at Lara - not mene a responsible problem - dialogue with an external world. Differently - LARA is responsible caienu \ia?acaie and reading of the information (including programs) from a various sort of carriers (floppy, hdd, cd).

Name: MILA - Main Interface Library Archangel (the Main interface hranitelnitsy libraries)
CodeName: mila.sys
Action: I protect
The description: the Librarian?:) yes it! But in difference from other worlds on it the serious problem, than simply account and delivery of simple books weighs much more: (. MILA - gives access to programs to various libraries, and releases system from them after end of work of the program. Stability of work of the fragile world depends on it, and casually flown library can destroy tsevilizatsiju: (

Name: EMMA - Essential Mechanic - Myself Angel (the Major mechanic - a Angel)
CodeName: emma.sys
Action: I operate
The description: EMMA is heart of the given world is kernal. Without this important part of the world not probably performance of any problem. Through it other seven spirits communicate all, it watches all and has a heap of assistants (event'ia) which in time deliver the information on events in the world as a whole. Very responsible part of the world, without it... As well as in other without other parts, existence of the given world is impossible!

Name: IOMA - Interface Of Memory Arrangement (the Interface of an arrangement in memory)
CodeName: ioma.sys
Action: I remember
The description: IOM A - finishing spirit \program \part of the world (as it is pleasant to whom more:) on it the responsibility for all of event in memory of this world. He/she is the manager of memory! It distributes all resources of memory between programs and other spirits of this world. Unfortunately, memory of this world is not protected from external intrusion, the structure of ours Speccy is those. But the good example to that - its nearest girl-friend AMIGA who as has no protection of memory and it not in which measure does not prevent to work to it!

Here in krattse and all while, do not ask me whence such names of programs - itself I do not know:) it was simply undermined in three one o'clock in the morning and to write down there was quickly all on a paper yet has not forgotten and has not confused.

Yes, and in occasion of name Doors \Aqua are two elements - but if c AQUA - more less all is clear:) it is water here Doors is an animal by a nickname "DOOR":), predstvljaet itself olitsetvorenie elements of fire. Together they unite two unjoinable has begun in our world, but in fact we build absolutely other world, whether not so?;)...

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